Terms of Enrolment

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between Graphic & Interior Design School (here after refer to as ‘GIDS’) and the ‘Student’. It is the Student’s responsibility to fully read, understand and agree to all Terms & Conditions of Enrolment.

1. By accepting this Agreement, the Student:

a. is aware that GIDS Online Courses fees are payable in full, at the time of enrolment.
b. acknowledge that if you do not complete the course before the expiry date, your enrolment can expire and you will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund of fees.
c. in paying for the enrolment you are confirming that you have received enough information and are satisfied that the course you have chosen is suitable for your needs, abilities and circumstances.
d. is aware that in the event of cancellation of courses for a reason outside the control of the School, GIDS shall be under no obligation to provide any reimbursement. Course fees won’t be refunded as a result of a course change.
e. acknowledge GIDS reserves the right to make alterations to courses, lectures, fees or methods without prior notice provided such alterations shall not substantially affect the course content or qualification and such alterations shall, at best, only entitle the participant to reimbursement of course fees paid.
f. acknowledge that the Course Fee doesn’t include: any hardware, software, printed materials or equipment for your course.

2. By enrolling in a course with GIDS, the Student:

a. is expected to comply with the terms and conditions for using the GIDS website, social media and student platforms for the duration of your enrolment. If we consider that you’re not complying with these requirements, we have the right to remove posts, block users and cancel your enrolment.
b. agree to refrain from: Posting material that is unlawful, hateful, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harassing, slanderous, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by GIDS in its sole discretion; Post advertisements or solicitations of business; Expressing personal views about other students or staff; Post pyramid schemes or chain letters.
c. acknowledge that all Graphic & Interior Design School (GIDS) course material, photographs, designs and information, are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights and may not be reproduced without the School’s specific written consent. This applies to the complete course materials or any part of them.
d. agree to abide by all copyright notices and other restrictions contained in the Website and in materials accessed through the Website. You may retrieve GIDS material for information only; The Student may save or download a local copy for personal use; The Student may send it to your printer for personal use. Any commercial exploitation is expressly prohibited; you must clearly acknowledge the source in any copy you make; The Student may not make any modification to the material without the express permission of GIDS.
e. consent to the use of my data for research purposes e.g. website articles, newsletters, video, promotional stories and this data will remain the property of GIDS.
f. agree to maintain a current email address for the duration of your course.
g. accept that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is kept current. Any changes to your name, address, email address or phone numbers, should be sent to us as soon as possible.
h. acknowledge that you have access to a computer, recommended software and internet while you are completing your course as specified on our website.
i. agree to not plagiarise any concepts, designs, photographs, images or information from any source. GIDS reserve the right to issue warnings and if we consider that you’re not complying with these requirements, we have the right to cancel your enrolment.
j. acknowledge that the copyright in, and any work produced, by the student as part of the course, shall remain with GIDS and work may be retained at the discretion of GIDS for display or promotional activities.
k. is aware that you have the right of appeal, to make a complaint, submit a grievance or request an assessment appeal.
l. represent and warrant that all information provided to GIDS at the time of enrolment was accurate and complete and not misleading and that you included all information that may impact on your ability to complete the course.

3. Subject to these terms and conditions, GIDS:

a. agrees to provide the Student with access to our online learning environment, by issuing log in and password details to access course materials.
b. will assign personal lecturer support for the duration of the course.
c. will mark and provide feedback on the Student’s assessments.
d. issue the Student with certification for your successful completion of a course.
e. deliver accurate, timely and helpful information.

4. By accepting this Agreement the Student:

a. has accepted the terms of this Agreement by: (a) signing the Enrolment Form; or
(b) clicking “Accept” on the webpage online enrolment system.
b. by clicking “Accept” you agree that GIDS can capture your IP address to verify your consent to this Agreement.
c. agrees that the date you sign the enrolment form or click “Accept” is the agreement date.